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About store

Experienced in Hong Kong Coffee Industry

We have over 15years experience in operating Coffee shops and Coffee Roasting. We understand the importance of a great cup of coffee so that we attention to every parts since green beans. WE have three locations : Tsim Sha Tsui , Saikung and Wanchai

Store Location

No. 34, Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,Kln.

Shop B2, Marina Cove Shopping Mall, Marina Cove, Saikung.

No. 229, Jaffe Road, Wanchai.

Our Services

Retail Store

We have retail store located in Tsim Sha Tsui area. You could experience the great coffee and light meal there.

You also could find some freshly roasted beans and coffee tools in store.

Address :

Kowloon Store : No34, Mody Road, Tim Sha Tsui, KLN.

          TEL : 3568 4726

HK Island     : NO.229, Jaffe Road , Wanchai 

          Tel : 2668 0082 


We have our own roastery located in SaiKung area. 

You also could enjoy the coffee moment in there.

Address : Shop B2, Shopping Centre, 380 Hiram's Highway, Marina Cove, Saikung.

    Tel : 2243 1688